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Fox’s Favourite Autumn

Autumn is Fox’s favourite time of the year. He loves tasting blackberries, scrunching and collecting leaves! But as the days pass, Autumn starts to reach its end. Winter is coming … and Fox DEFINITELY cannot let that happen! Join Fox as he tries to do everything to stop Autumn from slipping by and eventually learns […]

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I Definitely Don’t Like Winter

A brilliantly funny picture book about two best friends who just can’t agree! Hank and Hoog are best friends – they do EVERYTHING together. Until one morning, when a single, crisp, brown leaf falls to the ground… Hank is so annoyed! Falling leaves mean winter is coming, and Hank definitely does not like winter. BRRRRRRR! But Hoog is overjoyed! Hoog loves winter – the snow, […]

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The BIG Christmas Bake

The Big Christmas Bake is a funny, lively romp through the twelve days of Christmas, taking the elements of the popular carol, and weaving them cleverly into the ingredients for a Twelfth Night Cake. Starting with the partridge and its gift of dried fruit, this rhyming story includes all of the familiar characters from the song as they […]

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Setsuko and the Song of the Sea

Setsuko loves the sea. She swims its shallows. She dives its depths.But she worries that her friends have chosen to abandon her way of life. Then she meets a whale who also fears he is the last of his kind. In return for giving him hope, he gifts her a song which she uses to […]

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Danny and the Dream Dog

Danny really, really wants a dog but Mum says no. Find out whether a new neighbour can help Danny achieve his dream and much more besides. A story about finding friendship in unexpected places. Danny has been garnering lovely reviews. Here is a selection: "A fantastically heartwarming story from two exciting new talents" Rob Biddulph, [...]

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