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Setsuko and the Song of the Sea

Publisher: Tiny Tree Children's Books

Illustrator: Howard Gray

Setsuko loves the sea. She swims its shallows. She dives its depths.
But she worries that her friends have chosen to abandon her way of life. Then she meets a whale who also fears he is the last of his kind. In return for giving him hope, he gifts her a song which she uses to remind people of the beauty of the ocean.

Includes a 10% donation to the Marine Conservation Society.

What people are saying about Setsuko

‘This book is stunning… one we will treasure for years to come.’ @karenandherbooks

‘The energetic and spirited illustrations were definitely a ‘wow’ factor with the children. The book was a pleasure to read and filled with wonderment and heartfelt friendship, ultimately a beautiful story.’ @queenbeesbookhive

‘One of the loveliest books I have seen! What a gorgeous, gentle book, reminding us of the beauty around us.’ @vicarioushome.com

‘The beautiful images complimented this magical story perfectly.’ @heidiandherbooks

‘My class of five year olds loved this book. A great book that not only brought enjoyment but lots of extended learning.’ @thebookweb

‘This book is stunning. The illustrations are so detailed, a beautiful read for any young child.’ @amy_justonemorechapter

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