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Poems and pantomimes

Did you know that I also write other things besides picture books? I write poems too and also short sketches and pantomime scripts. Oh yes, I do!

The pantomimes are written in partnership with my husband, David. Basically we plot them out together, I do the rhyming bits and Dave does all the hard work and adds the funny (and punny) stuff. Somehow, magically there’s a script at the end and hopefully we haven’t killed each other in the process.

Dave and I both love panto as an art form. I’ve been involved with panto, backstage and treading the boards for pretty much my whole life. We try to pack our scripts with as much panto tradition and joy as possible while maintaining out commitment to original ideas. You won’t find us writing the next version of Cinderella (much as I love it!). We like to bring some new ideas into the mix. You can view our scripts here at Lazy Bee.

Ba Ba Land is a trip down nursery rhyme memory lane. Join Little Bo-Peep and Boy Blue and a host of other well-loved characters as they strive to beat the competition (and especially the Big Bad Wolf) to find a new Rhyme For Our Time.

Peggy’s Pirate Panto is a mash up of all your sea-faring favourites including Treasure Island and Pirates of the Caribbean. Arrrr, ’tis true!

Perfect for am dram groups, keep an eye out for more coming soon!