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Who am I?

Hi there! I’m Fiona, a middle-aged, married mum of one. I am positively potty about picturebooks; reading them, writing them and talking about them.¬†When writing, I long for alliterative loveliness. When reading, I look for the marriage of words and artwork and I love anything that is fun to read aloud.

I self-published my first picturebook ‘Amelie and the Great Outdoors’ in April 2016 with Matador Books. Now I’ve gone and got a taste for it and I’m working on several more stories including Danny and the Dream Dog for Tiny Tree Books which is out Nov 2018 and available to pre-order now! I’m represented by Alice Williams. Watch this space for updates!

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What I care about

If you love picture books then we are going to get on!

I’m especially enthusiastic about encouraging reading habits. I recently completed¬†a PhD (successfully!) where I was lucky enough to study the theory behind the onset and maintenance of behaviour. This is so applicable to reading and it is lovely now to be able to combine my academic and professional enthusiasms.

I love the outdoors and support several organisations that seek to encourage children to engage with the natural world including The Wildlife Trusts and the Marine Conservation Society. I spend a lot of time in Devon and love the sea.