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Picture Book Club Update

Sorry folks! I’m a bit behind on the blogging front and there have been two whole picture books without an update. What fun they have been too!

At our inaugural meeting at Windsor Waterstones we welcomed Sophy Henn as our speaker for the evening. We had a brilliant time with Sophy who shared her experience of being an author/illustrator and even gave us some exclusive sneak-peaks of her new work which was very exciting! Afterwards I was contacted by two members to say they had been so inspired by Sophy that they had picked up their pens/paints/pastels again and started writing and drawing. That is what picture book club is all about!

For our first meeting in Reading we were joined by the wonderful Nicolette Jones. If you haven’t caught her weekly vlogs from her Sunday Times book cave then you are missing out! It’s free to register and receive updates so there is no excuse. Let the Sunday Times know that children’s publishing and picture books are important by signing up. Nicolette gave a really interesting talk about illustrative art accompanied by a visual smorgasbord of fantastic images from well-love picture books, new and old.

A big thanks must go to the Windsor and Reading branches of Waterstones for being such welcoming and accommodating hosts.

We have some exciting plans at Picture Book Towers for 2017 so keep your eyes peeled on the events page for updates!