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Middle Grade Adventure Week 9

This week I sent the story so far to one of my SCBWI critique group buddies Kate Poels. She has become the second honorary book club member. Kate is really brilliant at feedback (as are all my critique group) and gave me loads of helpful advice. One of her take home messages is that I might, in fact, be writing something that could be YA rather than MG but I’ll plough on regardless and see where it ends up. A side effect of getting feedback means part of this week has been spent desperately trying to resist starting edits. If I start, I know I’ll get bogged down in those rather than focusing on the finishing line. I’ve been very good and filed Kate’s detailed comments in my working document. Looking at them will be my reward for getting to the end!

So what’s my photo this week? It is the calm before the storm. As I write this in Devon we are waiting for the onset of a storm that has caused havoc before it has even arrived. Boardmasters festival at Watergate Bay in Cornwall has been cancelled and the opening of the new bridge at Tintagel has also been postponed due to forecast high winds tomorrow. But today all is quiet. The wind has dropped and the waves are lapping gently onto the beach. Hard to believe that 11-12 foot breakers are predicted for tomorrow.

It seems that the weather has caught the mood as my book club chapter this week is also the calm before the storm. It ends with a hint that things are about to kick off. I’m already looking forward to getting stuck into something wild and dangerous over the next few days!