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Middle Grade Adventure Week 5

Week 5! It feels like a lot longer than that! And it still feels like there is a way to go yet. But I’ve made it to chapter 8 which I delivered this morning by email for distribution to the book club members. It was a chunky chapter this week and involved quite a bit of exposition as I needed to include some back story. I don’t know if I’ve embedded it successfully or not so I’m hoping for some feedback from the readers.

I’m on holiday this week too so I’ve had to get used to a new writing routine. I’m still writing long hand in a notebook initially which is helpful as it’s easy to take out with me and I can get down a few lines here and there. Luckily I have a 14 year old who has fully embraced the teenage lie-in so I have been able to get quite a bit of work done early in the morning before putting my Mum hat on for the afternoons. Strictly no snacks though so this weeks picture is a clue as to what I’ve been writing about.

For the first time this week I also experienced a bit of excitement at the anticipation of writing the next few chapters. They’re ones I’m really looking forward to getting on the page. Of course, I know what’s going to happen but I don’t quite know how they will turn out and I’m excited to make them ‘real’. That’s not really happened to me before with picture book texts. With those, it’s more of a feeling of satisfaction when you finish a text and it’s nicely balanced and feels whole. It’s weird to feel tingly about what’s coming next. I had to check with my critique group buddies that it was normal to feel like that! Onwards to Chapter 9!