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Devon Delights

Last weekend I was in Plymouth for a long anticipated (by me anyway!) event at Waterstones, Drakes Circus.

I love doing book shop events because I get to spend the whole day surrounded by books and people who love them. It’s always fun to meet new people and if nobody comes then I get to spend the day reading all brilliant new picture books. It’s a win-win!

I arrived in Drakes Circus busy Waterstones, got out my paper and crayons and got ready for a morning of doodling and reading. And lots of people did come! We did lots of drawing and created a fantastic mural of all the things that the children of Plymouth like to do in the Great Outdoors! My favourite on this occasion was playing with light-sabres in the autumn. Who needs Halloween, fireworks, blackberry picking or leaf kicking?

We had a visit from three very enthusiastic ladies and their carers from Wood View Learning Community who listened carefully to the story and then did their own drawing of what they like to do outdoors. Riding, tricycling, going to the park. Lots of brilliant ideas!

My favourite moment of the day was when I was reading and got to the part where Amelie starts to worry if Barlow has got lost in the Great Outdoors. A little girl who was listening grabbed her dad’s hand because she was really worried too. Those moments of shared experience are what I really love about picture books!

I must thank the really┬álovely and helpful staff at Waterstones who made me very welcome on Saturday. I was so busy I didn’t get to read many books so clearly I need a return visit very soon!