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Amelie and the Great Outdoors

Publisher: Troubador

Illustrator: Rosie Brooks

Aged: 0 - 5

Amelie lived at the top of a tall, tall tower. She had never taken the lift or climbed down the winding stairs to the ground below. Through her bedroom window high up in the tower, Amelie could see the GREAT OUTDOORS. It didn’t look up to much. “I prefer to stay inside,” she said.

Amelie is a little girl who never goes outside. She’s happy to stay indoors and play on her own, and is even a little intimidated by the thought of the GREAT OUTDOORS.

The GREAT OUTDOORS had no computer games, no toys and, worst of all, no telly! Amelie loved all of those very much. So, while other children ran and shouted outside, she stayed in and played quietly on her own.

Her parents have just about given up on trying to convince Amelie to go outside. Not even the thought of trips to the park, the beach, or enjoying ice cream in the sunshine, is enough to make her want to leave her house. But to everyone’s surprise, all that changes when she meets a special friend who helps her realise that it really is the GREAT outdoors after all!

Amelie and the Great Outdoors is a heart-warming picture book for young readers with an important message about friendship, fresh air and exercise. It will appeal to readers (and listeners!) aged 0-5.

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