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Bone Dry Week 19

Word count = 37,350

Big jump in the word count today as I delivered 3 chapters at Book Club today. More gasps and then me thinking that maybe there have been too many? A touch of jeopardy fatigue perhaps? I’ll definitely be looking closely at that in the edit. Obviously, you need a bit of tension to keep driving the story forward but too much and it can feel a bit like being battered around the head with a wet fish like in the Monty Python sketch.

There are just four chapters left. They will have to wait until after half term. I know there are four because I’ve written them already. I’m ahead of the game at last! I haven’t actually typed THE END because there are a few niggly little details to work out. I’ve got a week off next week because the book club are reading spooky stories in the library. More evidence of the infectious enthusiasm of the school librarian, Mrs Camp. You only have to be in the library for a few minutes to experience how excited the pupils are about books. I totally support Children’s Laureate Cressida Cowell’s campaign to push for all schools to have a library and, importantly, a librarian.