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Bone Dry Week 18

Word count = 33,569

Ooooo! Two big chapters this week with a big ‘mic drop’ moment and a fight! I was a bit worried about writing the fight scene as I’ve never really written anything like that before. I read lots of advice on t’internet and tried to keep it short and punchy (sorry!). Opinion was divided on its first airing today. Some book club members felt it was just right with others wanting more gory detail! I’ll see how I feel when I get to the edit. There was some wincing so I think that’s a good sign! This weeks reading finished with a big ‘whiff of death’ and I’m pleased to say it elicited some gasps and several ‘Nooooooo!’s. Job done, I’d say!

We had a new member ask to sit in this week and it was lovely to listen to the other members fill her in. It really highlighted what they’ve remembered and taken from it (loads!) and also made me realise how far the story has come.

There were also some really good questions at the end about deafness and genetics as it related to some of the characters and plot points. These guys are great potential plot hole detectors! I’m so grateful to have their input!

Jammy dodgers today… the ones with jam and cream… only the best for book club! Turns out we have quite an international contingent in the club and there was loose talk today about Italian biscuits for next week, followed by Libyan sweets and Russian cake! So I’ll obviously have to string this thing out for a bit longer!