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Bone Dry Week 17

Wordcount = 31,054

It was lovely to be back in book club again today. It was also wonderful to see the brilliant things going on for #NationalPoetryDay. Libraries are so much more than a collection of books. You can really tell when you are in a library with a wonderful enthusiastic librarian!

We were playing catch up from last week with me reading the two chapters I sent for the missed week plus one from this week. There wasn’t time for more. I’m planning for three next week and then we will be back on schedule. I asked whether I should send the two I’ve written rather than just the one I’ve read and I was begged to send only the extra one we’ve read today. If I send a chapter they haven’t read, one girl said,

‘I can’t resist reading it!’

The members, it turns out, like to hear it first and then read it. How lovely, though, to hear that if the words are in front of them, at least one person can’t resist reading it. It absolutely made my day and has fired me up for getting to grips with the slippery details of the denouement!

Big discussions about trust and what gruesome things should happen next to one of the main characters! Jaffa cakes too. What a day!