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Bone Dry Week 15

Wordcount = 25,608       Snacks = animal biscuits

I was very excited to deliver the two chapters this week. The two main characters actually touched which ticked the romance box for the book club members! They’ve been asking about that since week one! It’s all very innocent. This is MG after all.  They definitely want more though! So if anyone is thinking of writing for 12-14 year old girls my advice is to include a bit of romance if you can.

I got some useful feedback too on the male half of the duo. The adult librarian thinks I need to work on making him more realistically 15 and less 25! The book club members think he’s dreamy already. Somehow I need to marry those two up so that he’s convincing as a real person, yet still smooch-able.

There was also an interesting discussion about what the main character looked like. I’ve deliberately not described her, aside from details needed for the story. I don’t have a fixed image in my head for her either so it was really interesting to hear how the book club members imagined her.

I can see the end now. There are 9 planned chapters left. I’ve just got to work out some nitty gritty details and I’ll be done. Ha ha – I’ve said that like the nitty gritty details are a formality! In reality, there are some pretty big plot points to work out! But I’m already starting to feel a bit sad and I now understand what people say when they talk about getting to know their characters and missing them when they’re gone.