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Bone Dry Week 11 and 12

I’m doubling up on the blog this week. I did deliver the chapter last week on time but I didn’t quite make it with the blog. I’ve been away seeing my Dad so it’s been tough to fit everything in. Chapter delivery was the priority!

Current wordcount = 18,326.

I’m really starting to miss the weekly face-to-face feedback from the book club. That keeps me on the straight and narrow. Without it, I’m a bit unsure whether I’m heading in the right direction. Term starts next week though so I’m looking forward to a full debrief on all the summer chapters! I’ll also be returning to two chapters per week which feels a bit daunting but I am keen to get to the end now. I’m absolutely itching to edit but have been very disciplined so far! Writing two chapters will mean I won’t have time to think about editing (or anything else probably!)

Plot-wise, I’m in the thick of it now. It feels a little bit like the story is telling itself. It’s got a bit of momentum which I’m hoping will carry me through the next few weeks. The baddie is ‘out’ as a baddie which feels good. Now I can write him as properly evil rather than someone evil pretending to be nice. I found that a bit tricky. I don’t know whether I’ve carried it off successfully. It was hard to balance knowing who he really was with ‘showing not telling’ because the show was a lie. Something to go back to in the edit.

And I’m hoping my readers are locked in (just like the main character is at the moment!) and with me for the second half, right until The End!