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Bone Dry Week 10

This weeks word count = 15,910.

As I’ve got to week 10, and as my ‘adventure’ now has a tentative title, I’ve changed the name of the blog.

This week I have mostly been grappling with how to weave my A story and B story together. If you haven’t read ‘Save the Cat!’ by Blake Snyder then you should! But, beware, you will never watch a movie in the same way again because you will be able to see Snyder’s three act structure behind it. My daughter was amazed today by my ability to predict the plot of a Transformers film despite never having seen it. Perhaps not the most difficult task in the world but she was impressed by my spooky level of accuracy.

Today I sent out chapter 13 to the book club and it has proved unlucky for the heroine. I think I’m in the thick of it now – about the midpoint on Blake Snyder’s beat sheet. I have also learned how to do venepuncture this week. I won’t be putting my new found knowledge into practice but it turns out that you can indeed learn how to do pretty much anything on YouTube!