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Bone Dry The End

No chapters this week but I made a final visit to book club to say goodbye. We ate chocolate mini rolls and discussed how stories become books. I’m really going to miss my Thursday lunchtime dose of unfettered enthusiasm and ideas.

What have I learnt over the last 4-5 months? I’ve learnt pre-teens and teenagers love being read to and they’re jam-packed with creative, inspiring ideas just waiting to come tumbling out. I’ve learnt bribing them with biscuits really helps to promote engagement (-;

In terms of writing, I’ve learnt so much.

  • I can sustain a story over 40,000 words instead of 500.
  • I’ve got more idea about plotting and structure than I realised.
  • I can write outside my comfort zone – not expertly perhaps but I’ve had a stab at suspense, action, romance.
  • Rubbish words on the page are better than no words on the page.
  • It is possible to fall in love with your characters like they are real people.
  • I can write anywhere – in the car at school pick up, in cafes, at farm parks, even sometimes at a desk…
  • I don’t have to wait for inspiration (see rubbish words above).

I was so touched when the book club members presented me with flowers and told me they’ve made a donation to the Book Trust Christmas appeal on my behalf. And I love the comments on the thank you card especially where they’ve referred to our story as a book already. I’ve promised them VIP tickets to the launch (-; I really am going to miss my library visits. But I’ve already got an inkling of an idea for another story. I’ll let that stew for a bit and then, who knows, I might be back!