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A year in the life of Picture Book Club

It’s our birthday in October! Picture Book Club has made it through 12 months with our sanity more or less intact. And what a year it has been! Before we welcome the magnificent Tiny Owl to our birthday meeting in October we thought it would be a good time to review the story so far.

We’ve been lucky enough to have met Sophy Henn, Nicolette Jones, Mat Tobin, Meg McLaren and the team from Andersen Press, James Catchpole, Yuval Zommer, Lucy May Rowland, Clare Helen Welsh, Fiona Lumbers and Joseph Coelho. We narrowly missed out on meeting Chitra Soundar so we hope to be able to rearrange that for next year instead. So if you haven’t been to Picture Book Club you’ve already missed some brilliant authors and illustrators, agents and publishers. We’ve set the bar high with our first year but we hope to keep up the momentum in 2018. We’re certainly starting as we mean to go on with Tiny Owl and Alanna Books seeing out 2017.

As well as meeting all these amazing people and learning a huge amount about the world of children’s publishing, personal highlights have included meeting friends from twitter IRL like Book Lover Jo and Read It Daddy and seeing another chapter of Picture Book Club open in the South West (follow them on twitter #picturebookclubSW).

It’s been a blast! If you’ve joined us for a bit or all of the journey, we hope you have enjoyed it too. We look forward to more picture book fun in 2018!